Document Imaging or Document scanning is the conversion of paper documents to a digital format. Professionally equipped to manage your needs, we offer services that allow you to free up resources to stay focused on your core business. We use the latest software and high-speed drum & flatbed scanners to convert your documents in a timely process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by our team of experts. We offer both on-site and off-site document imaging solutions. Our team will travel to your site and set up our document imaging equipment to establish a secure solution to convert your data in a timely manner. In addition, we also offer off-site document imaging solutions to meet your business needs. Our off-site & on-site solutions includes prepping, scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval.


The maintenance and storage of paper documents has many inherent weaknesses, including hidden costs and attached risks. These weaknesses are magnified by today’s ever increasing populations and growing document retention requirements. Document imaging is a viable, up-to-date technology that could eliminate many of these costs and risks.